Saturday, June 23, 2012

Disney World - 2012

You can click on any picture to see a full screen slideshow, however, you will not see captions of the four videos that are included below.  To see pictures with captions and videos, just scroll down. 

Joni and I took Josh, Sarah and Hannah to Disney World last week, it was a great experience!
Picnic lunch in Florida on the way to DW

Electrified! - it was a quiet car!

Opening ceremony at the Magic Kingdom (see video below)

Video of opening ceremony


Just a bit tired.  Her big brother carried her for the last hour of Magic Kingcom

Made from Legos!  At the Lego store at Downtown Disney

Building a Mr. Potato Head

Lego Man

Striking a pose

Dinner (Pizza) at a great Italian Restaurant (see Balloon Man video below)

Video: "the balloon man"


Stitch (see video below)

Video: "Stitch"

Tiger Fish in aquarium at Epcot

At this Epcot attraction, Josh programmed his own ride.

 Josh was "briefed" on how to program and then moved to the "design lab" 
where he actually programmed a large robotic arm.  Next he climbed into 
a cage at the end of the arm where experienced his ride. See video below.

Video: "The Josh Ride"


Sarah with her
Mr. Hull

Pretending to use a "Brit phone"

Jungle safari at Animal Kingdom

End of a great week with three great kids!